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Perfection is all in the details. When it comes to the renovation of your hospitality facility, apartment complex, commercial building, or condominium you can count on CB Recovery Group, Inc. to provide the finishing touches that are sure to impress. Once you have invested the time and money into an interior renovation of your building, it only makes sense to replace your old furnishings, fixtures and other equipment. At CB Recovery Group, Inc. we make it easy for you to have one point of contact for your entire hospitality or commercial building renovation project. We have built trusted relationships with furniture, fixture, and equipment suppliers and have impeccable levels of quality control to ensure that your project exceeds expectations and stays within budget. To learn more about how CB Recovery Group, Inc.’s FF&E – Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment services can benefit your business, contact us today.


FF&E | Furniture – Fixtures & Equipment For Hospitality, Commercial, and Residential Buildings

Through strong relationships with industry suppliers, CBRG is able to offer a wide selection of FF&E products. These relationships also ensure product quality and efficiency of product delivery. We strive to provide our clients with the best products while maintaining strict deadlines – which ensures a project is done correctly and on time. The benefits of these relationships are lower costs, accurate timelines, and quality control.


Why Should You Choose CB Recovery Group, Inc. for FF&E (Furniture, Fixtures, & Equipment) Procurement need?

CB Recovery Group, Inc. (CBRG) is a full service general contractor company specializing in the restoration and renovation of commercial and hospitality properties. Founded in 2014, CBRG has done many projects all over the United States. Recently, CBRG expanded into renovation work and has over 20 years of professional experience. Contact us today for more information about our FF&E procurement services.


We have a very specific process that we follow when dealing with renovations of all types.  We provide continuity of operations in the most efficient and cost-effective manner, ultimately reducing business interruption. Call us to learn more!