General Contractor Services for Commercial Remodeling and Renovation


When the time comes to take on a renovation project for your hotel or commercial building, we invite you to consider CB Recovery Group, Inc. for all of your construction needs. Allow us to handle all aspects of your commercial renovation project – our experts handle everything from obtaining the first permits to the final clean up. As a general contractor with national experience, we excel at providing our clients with a smooth transition from start to finish. Renovating your building has never been easier and more convenient when you choose CB Recovery Group, Inc.

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Perhaps the best investment you can make when it comes to a commercial property is renovating the existing buildings. A fresh interior renovation, lobby renovation, or exterior renovation can help to build upon your brand and create excitement with guests and tenants alike. Whether you are simply looking to revive a tired look, or you need a complete commercial renovation, CB Recovery Group, Inc. has you covered.


Whether you are an apartment manager, a commercial building maintenance technician, a hotel or condominium manager, or the owner of a resort or a timeshare, CB Recovery group is a full service general contractor company that can handle your commercial renovation quickly and cost effectively while minimizing the interruption to your business.


Construction Management

At CB Recovery Group, Inc., our team has decades of construction management experience working on a diverse set of projects across the entire United States. CBRG has the managerial and technological abilities to oversee almost any commercial and residential project. We pride ourselves on getting every project completed professionally and efficiently. With our talented staff, professional contractors, and great resources – we strive to offer the best experience possible.

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General Contracting

Beginning any new construction project is a major undertaking and you need to be sure that the general contractor that you have hired to oversee the project has the experience and qualifications needed to handle the job. With over 20 years of experience, our team has the necessary tools and understanding to handle a job of nearly any size from beginning to end.

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Exterior Renovation

CB Recovery Group, Inc. has professionals specializing in all types of exterior work. From siding, trim, replacement windows, garages, decks, patios and painting, CBRG is sure to accommodate all exterior needs.

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Interior Room Renovations

CB Recovery Group, Inc. has the resources and professionals to execute all interior room renovations. Renovating interior rooms is a challenging task. It needs to be done quickly, with access routes that aren’t too constricting for residents. Our crews are experienced in this work and understand the impact it can have on a business if not done properly. We strive to accommodate all requests and needs of any operation we take on.

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Lobby Renovations

First impressions are everything. The fact is that one of the very first things that your guests see, besides the exterior of your building, is your lobby. An outdated lobby can give your guests the wrong impression about the rest of your building, as well as the services that you provide. Therefore, upgrading your old lobby can provide a boost to your business. CB Recovery Group provides everything you need to perform a hospitality lobby renovation as well as any building lobby renovation.

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FF&E (Fixtures, Furniture, and Equipment)

Through strong relationships with industry suppliers, CBRG is able to offer a wide selection of FF&E products. These relationships also ensure product quality and efficiency of product delivery. We strive to provide our clients with the best products while maintaining strict deadlines – which ensures a project is done correctly and on time. The benefits of these relationships are lower costs, accurate timelines, and quality control.

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We have a very specific process that we follow when dealing with renovations of all types.  We provide continuity of operations in the most efficient and cost-effective manner, ultimately reducing business interruption. Call us to learn more!